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We are very glad, that you have glanced on a site of our kennel "BRAVO CORSO". We bring to your attention the brief story about it.


The official information

The kennel was founded in 2001 and registered in F.C.I., in RKF and in ROLS. Registration number is 4714, the code of brand is NNA (old number HHA). The owner of kennel is kynolog Yulia Semina.



Stimulus for creation of kennel was the big desire to keep and popularise the breed of Cane Corso. The wonderful image, the beauty of the forms, fine temperament and the worldy wisdom have been incorporated in lines of ancestors and kept by breeders of Italy. The basic purpose of breeding in kennel is reception of the posterity appropriate to two main criteria: usefullness and functionality for human.


We make sure our dogs have exclusive customs, are hardy and proof to pain, have amazing capacity and inexhaustible energy. For cultivation we choose dogs that behave obediently and tenderly with all members of family and are vigilant with another people which have been counterbalanced and trained. We choose dogs who are the best in functionality and morphological characteristics. In our dogs we see reflection of suitability as well as the beauty of being the symbol of bravery.


Dogs of kennel

Champion of Russia - GRACE - "... Female a good structure, the excellent head, a strong muzzle, the good eyes, typical Cane Corso, a good breast and front, a good back, very good joints of back finitenesses, shows herself well " - Expert MARTO SCHTEINBAHKER on international show "The Season in Nijnii Novgorod- 2001".
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Grace's litters date of birth 03.17.2003 >>>
Grace's litters date of birth 12.14.2003 >>>

Bravo Corso SOVVENTO - date of birth 06.14.2002 - "...Very pedigreed, with good head, correct expression an eye, several comes short volume..." (Excellent, CAC, CW in intermed. class)- Expert Yuza Beradze on international dog show 20.12.2003

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Bravo Corso PRIMADONNA - date of birth 14.12.2003
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expert-kynolog sertificate
Certificate of the RKF about registration  Bravo Corso kennel in the F.C.I.
Certificate ROLS